About us

We are a leading provider of non-toxic farming solution using natural ingredient - to promote healthy agriculture environment, increase crop yields, reduce cost of growing and wastage.

The against of heavily using pesticide and insecticide in agriculture nowadays- which will degrade and kills off living organism in soil, pollutes water source, and produce unhealthy food crops, and so, we are helping farmers, small growers, and plantation producers to provide education and consultation to shift alternative solutions.

Sabah & Sarawak's agriculture background- owns an equatorial climate with tropical tropical rainforest, lands are suitable for agricultural grown plantation, including palm oil, durians, teas, pepper, starfruits, strawberries, mangosteen, rice,  high quality crops and fruits etc, is a potential market to become one of the best produce agriculture product in the world.




  • Our mission, to encourage growers to improve sustainability and value in local food supply chain.
  • Our vision, to become one of the leading natural and zero toxicity farming solution provider in market.